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Reliable Industrial Solutions for Your Facility

Industrial Electrical Services

ANR Electric is your trusted partner for industrial electrical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturing facilities, processing plants, and industrial operations. 

With a comprehensive range of services and a commitment to excellence, we ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of your industrial electrical systems. Explore our industrial electrical services below.

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your industrial facility with our comprehensive lighting solutions designed for both interior and exterior applications.

Industrial Solutions

  • Switchgear & Transformers: We install, test, and service switchgear and transformers to ensure efficient power distribution within your industrial facility.
  • Service Distribution & MCC’s: Our team specializes in service distribution and motor control centers to optimize the performance of your electrical systems.
  • Process Control
    • Motor Controls
  • Infrastructure
    • Underground Cabling & Aerial Wiring
    • Cable Tray Installs
  • Critical Systems
    • VFD’s & Bus Duct
    • Critical Power
  • Protection Systems
    • Surge Protection, Lighting Protection, & Grounding
    • Fire Alarm, Security, & Data
  • Specialized Services
    • Computer Hard Wiring (CATV)
    • Electric Signage

Industry Expertise

Pump Systems

We specialize in electrical solutions for pump systems to ensure efficient operation and reliability.

Access Control

Control access to your industrial facility with our access control systems, which enhance security and safety.

Power Quality

Optimize power quality with our comprehensive solutions for a consistent and reliable electrical supply.

Engineering & Design

Our experienced engineers offer custom engineering and design services to meet the unique requirements of your industrial electrical projects. Available upon request.

Wastewater Treatment Plants, Chemical Processing Plants, Manufacturing Plants

We have extensive experience providing various industrial sectors with electrical solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry.

Pulp & Paper Mills, Steel Fabrication Plants, Pipeline & Well Heads, Electrical Generation Facilities

Our team is equipped to handle electrical projects in diverse industrial settings.

Warehouse & Distribution Centers, Food & Beverage Processing Plants

Ensure the efficiency and reliability of your warehouse, distribution center, or food and beverage processing plant with our specialized electrical solutions.

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